Food for Faith Publications offers two consulting services for pastors and churches:

1. Food for Faith helps pastors and churches to design an inner healing support ministry that will identify, transform and support the prejects (parental rejects) in their congregation.

2. Food for Faith also helps pastors and churches to support that ministry through assessments, resource identification, and recommendations.

Food for Faith also offers two unique resources for pastors and churches that can be used for an entire year or just during seasons when the church is focused on family, parental, or inner healing issues (e.g. Mothers Day; Fathers Day; Adoption Month; etc.):

Small Group/Sunday School Curriculum

The earliest believers gathered daily in each other’s homes to study God’s word, pray, fellowship and share the eucharist. Small group gatherings have been the most successful way to grow believers and congregations since the beginning of the church. To assist your church in helping prejects to overcome the symptoms and impact of parental rejection while growing them to maturity, Food for Faith offers a small group curriculum designed specifically with prejects in mind. Based on the Five G.R.A.C.E. Steps, the curriculum is scalable, and adaptable to any small group or Sunday School gathering and multiple learning levels from junior high school to adults. Access your free samples by clicking on the links below.

Curriculum features:

  1. The novel: The AntiChrist Was Conceived in Queens – story provides a unifying point of entry for the journey into identification and examination of principles, pathologies and prescriptions of parental rejection.
  2. The text: When My Mother & Father Forsake Me…– a 314 page text including an explanation of:
    • The 6 components of Preject Syndrome
    • The 20 most common reasons why kids feel rejected
    • The 40 pathologies of prejection
    • The 5 steps to overcoming prejection, along with their applications
    • The 10 Commandments for prejects
    • The 8 signs of an orphan heart
    • The 8 signs of sonship
    • The 40 parenting skills needed to avoid or reverse prejection
  3. The workbook: The Healing Parental Rejection & Hurts Workbook – a 30 chapter application workbook and journal to facilitate intensive self-examination, discovery, and transformation.

To purchase the preject training curriculum bundle at a 20% savings off the individual price please click here.


The third stage of overcoming parental rejection (Maintenance) requires daily reinforcement of the Five G.R.A.C.E. Steps. Food for Faith customizes daily devotionals built around the Five G.R.A.C.E. Steps for congregations in any of two currently available formats:

1. Electronic Version – to be included in your church’s online newsletter, e-mailed on a daily basis from your office or pastor of congregational care, or sent directly from Available in both video and text formats, they are easily viewed across multiple platforms on computers, tablets, and smart phones. Access your free sample here.

2. Print Version – to be included in your church’s weekly bulletin or programme, or distributed to your Sunday School and/or bible study classes. Access your free sample here.

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