Parental Malpractice: 20 Reasons Why Kids Feel Rejected

Have you tried your best to be a good parent, but your child is still angry with you and hard to connect with?

Have your parents given you everything you’ve asked for, but it still doesn’t feel like enough and you don’t know why?

In Parental Malpractice, an excerpt from the author’s textbook on parental rejection, you’ll find out what makes kids feel rejected even when their parents have given their all.

There is a clear, direct relationship between parental rejection and life outcomes. Nearly 30 million American children woke up this morning without the presence of or access to a father who loves them. Consequently, 85% of all youth offenders are kids who have been rejected by their father. Despite these staggering numbers there were still more than 50 million children who woke up this morning with both parents in their home, and yet there are almost 100 million Americans who feel rejected by a parent. How could this be? The answer is, unfortunately, that parental presence alone cannot guarantee that a child won’t feel rejected.

Parental rejection produces deep scars that affect significant areas of a child’s present and future. Addressing the reasons kids feel rejection jump starts the process toward eliminating parental rejection and its limiting effects from our national landscape. Parental Malpractice: 20 Reasons Why Kids Feel Rejected provokes that conversation by revealing why so many kids feel rejected by a parent even when that parent has given them everything.

Written by a PRO (parental rejection overcomer) who was rejected by his parents and also rejected his own children, Parental Malpractice: 20 Reasons Why Kids Feel Rejected will help parents and their children to identify many of the not-so-obvious causes of rejection, heal their relationships, restore their souls, and enjoy the life they were designed to live.

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