Preject Curriculum Training Bundle

To assist your church, school, family, or organization in helping prejects to overcome the symptoms and impact of parental rejection while empowering them to become effective parents themselves, offers a training curriculum designed specifically with prejects in mind. Based on the Five G.R.A.C.E. Steps, the curriculum is scalable, and adaptable to any small group gathering and multiple learning levels from junior high school to adults.

The Curriculum Bundle includes:

  1. The novel: The AntiChrist Was Conceived in Queens – story provides a unifying point of entry for the journey into identification and examination of the principles, pathologies and prescriptions of parental rejection.
  2. The text: When My Mother & Father Forsake Me…– a 314 page text including an explanation of:
    • The 6 components of Preject Syndrome
    • The 20 most common reasons why kids feel rejected
    • The 40 pathologies of prejection
    • The 5 steps to overcoming prejection, along with their applications
    • The 10 Commandments for prejects
    • The 8 signs of an orphan heart
    • The 8 signs of sonship
    • The 40 parenting skills needed to avoid and/or reverse prejection
  3. The workbook: The Healing Parental Rejection & Hurts Workbook – a 30 chapter application workbook and journal to facilitate intensive self-examination, discovery, and transformation.

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