Sex is for Women, Marriage is for Men

Two years into his marriage our hero was feeling isolated, abandoned, and alone. He got married so he could have all the sex he wanted, whenever he wanted. But beginning with his honeymoon he got shot down and rejected for sex more in one year than he did his entire single life. With a special needs baby to take care of at home, a fledgling congregation to nurture at work, a family history of sticking it out as well as a religious community serving as critical witnesses, and a God he sometimes feared making His position clear in His employee handbook, (“I hate divorce.”), our hero was in too deep to quit.

But he’s our hero, so this obviously has a happy ending. Today he has all the sex he wants, whenever he wants. With his wife. The same one. He has a totally new marriage. How did he do it? He made adjustments to his thinking in five key areas and the rest, as they say, is history. Because we know there are millions of men in the same place our hero used to be in we have recorded that history here for your easy imitation. If you’re willing to make the same not-so-hard adjustments you’ll get the same gratifying results. Promise. Or your money back. Guaranteed. No questions asked. For real.

P.S. This marriage renewal book is written to men, but it’s really for women! Shhhhh! 😉

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